well first of all thanks for that support!

I thought before to carry on the ambivalent studio story and all that will surrounding it I need to complete it with some clarification for some member questions, like:

  1. why I dont use my "birth name "?

  2. your an other wanna be porn star?

  3. how about stop using PNP?

  4. why do you dont you write in French ?

  5. I cant believe you are the macho type you dont sound and act like one?

  6. arent you afraid to not be taken seriously by guys when it comes to LTR

  7. your an escort you basically have fun for money....

  8. nice idea interesting concept but the quality of your guys and videos is not consistent.

  9. you have a biochemistry and genetic degree why dont you work in that field your waisting your potential.

  10. you should go back to the gym your body is not looking as good as it used to be...

and so on and so forth ... so in order to clarify and get who I am lets answer those candide questions shall we ?

1/As much as a free spirited I could be I am all respectful of my family modesty and peace of mind , not only its none of them business and also unless I know you there no need for me to explain how I choose Jamal out of my spiritual journey Malik as an homage and Turner as an Ironi and how my initials are the same as my love , friend , family mentor and confident from the family I choose... and the one no mater what happens always have my back.

2/I DID PORN BACK IN THE DAYS, I'm a Wannabe anything I want to be, stardom and fame is not achieve by the recognition of my entering abilities to have a physical attributes that meets the standards of superficial people. I want to be my Own self managed boss.

yes I choose the adult industry because for too long I've been someone else fantasy critic disregard and shamed for being a extraverted sexual open book, the kind of people that believes that you are what u present to the world (with is true to a certain extend ).

Yet again more often I was whatever "other dreamed me to be "

a biochemist and genetics graduated.

a role model and elder for my siblings to reach.

a strong masculine macho married heterosexual to reproduce to continue our lineage.

a controlled and silent black guy that need token quite and endure rather right or wrong.

a dominant AGRESSIVE hung TOP mingles robot and cum-machine.

a starving poor little soul to save and force to the path of salvation.

I JUST DECIDE TO BE WHATEVER I WANT TO BE WICH IS A BUSINESS ORIENTED SEXUALLY ACTIVE UN-SHAMED YOUNG ANTI CONFORMIST MEN. and the ways I go about it needs no excuses to anyone so by all means keep JO and enjoy the entertainment its there for that purpose and leave my "image" management to me.

3/ I have an answer coming soon that will deserve a full page of his own but vigilance and restraint is the only way to not fall down the rabbit hole stay tuned for the rest of that answer.

4/Par ce que aussi fier puis être d'être le fruit de deux formidable civilisation qui ont non seulement fait de moi qui je suis et aussi laisser leur trace dans l'histoire , et surtout sans faire de chauvinisme exacerber, ont une langue dont je suis amoureux et des valeurs que je tiens en haute estime , tout le monde ne parle pas le Français. Mais attention une version en français arrive très prochainement.

5/Again macho is word that people categorized them self to illustrate an archaic version of the manhood that everyone understand and u dont have to believe I'm as macho and strong as I am in touch with my femininity and sensitive and I am both at the same time yes its seemed difficult for some to understand the concept of an AMBIVALENT being thats what my STUDIO brand's is all about.

6/ All my live I've been underestimated but I had the chance to fall in love with great Mans that were open to look behind the curtain that is the load entertaining wal that I give the world to deflect and protect my intimacy , and those are the one I will engage in a relationship every body else is entitled to their bias and I cant do much about what your preconceive ideas are unless to stop inflict to others what you will not like to be inflicted. If I found bankers greedy and the cause of our economic demise shall I consider that every bankers are scums and thief ? well I dont think so but good for u if prejudgment is the your way to navigate your life.

7/ im an sex consultant i an have sex interaction when necessary cause I truly believe that sexual freedom is the key for a lot of social and sexual frustration that can lead to solitude stress and depression for a lot of people so yes escorting is a port of my offer as entrepreneurship and activisme let me know what you do to leave a positive mark and respect the ways I've decide to go about it.

8/I like to provide a realistic voyeurisme experience the guys I have fun with are to me AMAZINGLY SEXY and yes lightning and technique is lacking but trust me it is still very different and hot im not a professional actor doing private movies with other big names I have fun and ur welcome to come see what it is about.

9/So now I'm a waste cause I am educated and apply my free will to what ever I decide to do in my life ? again I dont live to please others I live to please me and I am happy and welcome whoever wants to join genuinely as they are without fear of being judge to learn grow and give the middle figure to the world , so yes im a waste but I am a very happy one if that please you.

10/ you are right go ahead I'll be there in a minute .... or 2 ..... or 3....


Mstr Jamal

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